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Spin Green Gold from Organic Waste

April 14, 2011

‘After 17 years of making advertisements for instant noodles and chocolates,  I wanted to reconnect with nature. Papermaking has put me on the right path’ – Jenny Pinto, green architect.

Writer – Soumya Nair

When Jenny said, “I love the look and touch and feel of beautiful paper. I enjoy exploring various natural fibres. The interplay of light and paper excites me and ways to make paper 3-D, through texturing, sculpting, layering…is like play. I hope that the fun I have, shows in my work,”  it made me realise how passionate this former advertising executive is about being one with nature. Jenny’s work with organic wastes dates back to 1990, when she first moved to Bangalore from Mumbai. Having learnt the art and craft with just the help of books, Pinto has confidently ventured into other aspects of nature over the years.

What I took away from writing this piece is the sheer courage that Jenny has shown over the 17 years of her life, transitioning fearlessly from advertising to working with natural elements.  Having always been a tad self-doubtful, I found Jenny’s story to be a fine example of true grit and passion.  While we always second guess ourselves for reasons unknown, it was a refreshing change to meet someone with clarity in thought and action. Her success story could be anyone’s success formula.

The reason I chose to put this article up for publication is because I hope Jenny’s tryst with nature will inspire something in the reader, awaken the need to do something beyond the ordinary, while holding on to the hope that there is a level of fulfillment only the path less travelled can guarantee.

Original article Deccan Herald – The Lady with the Lamp

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