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Britain’s Royal Dilemma – an affair to remember

May 1, 2011

Writer : Meera Vijayann

Well, they weren’t kidding when they said that the Royal wedding was a big deal.  Turns out,  UK financial markets shut down for the ‘Big Day’ and figuratively churned the ’11th day Bank holiday’ to make a royal mess of the already faltering economy. A single Bank Holiday in Britain usually costs the economy around £6 billion.  Economists and market players ranted that a Bank Holiday for the Royal wedding was to allegedly cost about £50 billion. Of course, on the other hand, there was the regular quip about how much the uninvited millions and the crowds in London will cash out. Is that enough to liven up a gloomy economy? It looks like suddenly, the question of numbers is looming in everyone’s head – how much did the Royal wedding really cost Britain?. Frankly, no one cared. At least, not those world over who dressed up in costume to watch the wedding on television or the ones who spent hours crammed in a crowd of thousands to cheer as the gawky prince kissed his bride. Until the obsession with our childhood fairytale disappears, I guess the Royal wedding is always going to be an affair to remember. After all, princes are few these days.

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