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Need to get rid of E-waste? Turn it to E-jewellery!

August 4, 2011

Photo Courtesy – Yuma Fujimaki

Writer- Meera Vijayann

Do you remember the first time that someone gifted you a digital watch? Well of course, you do. For most of us, that marked the beginning of the future. Today, twenty years later, we can barely keep up. Mobile phones, record players, fancy air-conditioners, laptops, remote controls, television – technology has become an integral part of our lives. It has helped us progress in leaps and bounds into a digital future, made our lives easier. There is no need to depend on age-old desktops when there are newer compact laptops and tablets, heavy portable phones have been replaced with cell-phones, and e-books are slowly taking away old print editions from our libraries. But where do we throw away our old electronic products? The answer is, probably not too far away.

This is why the work of Yuma Fujimaki, a young designer in Tokyo, caught my eye. I looked him on facebook, hoping that he’d write me about his work. A few days later, he replied. One day, he said, when walking home after classes at the university, he came across an old computer tossed in the garbage. Out of curiosity, he took it home and took it apart. After hours of pondering over the broken bits of e-waste in front of him, he slowly pieced together his first accessory. It wasn’t an easy job of course, but his background in jewellery design from the Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry  helped his case. Perhaps it was hindsight, or maybe  a stroke of genius, but I couldn’t help wonder why we don’t make the effort of recycling anything we could at home.

E-waste is an issue that can be handled efficiently at home with a little thought. The next time you think of throwing old batteries, broken chips or headphones away, take it back to the store you bought it from or make something out of it. Here’s look at some creative pages in case you need inspiration:

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