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Meera Vijayann is the founder and editor of The Morning Media Project, a platform she created to bring together like-minded people  to discuss issues that we often ignore. She  has written previously for The Deccan Herald, The Ritz Magazine, The New Indian Express, Creature Companions, CNN, IBN Live and pretty much writes all the time. Erm, usually when she isn’t reading or talking on the phone.  Read more about her work here. She writes about her crazy life here.

Mumtaz Jaganathan studied Communication at UCalgary and figured she belongs on home ground after a year. She  loves good  food, design, travel and animals. She is a content associate at Bangalore based online  democracy platform iJanaargaha,  and works toward positively influencing citizen opinions on urban issues and enhancing quality of life in a city.

Soumya Nair is an editor at Deccan Herald. She figured microbiology wasn’t her ‘cup of tea’ and did a dramatic jump to journalism. A graduate of Asian College of Journalism, she thinks journalism could use more young voices because India desperately needs to shake off its slumber.

Kaavya Krishna studied Education and Technology at Harvard University. Pretty much the girl-next-door, she loves complaining about everything when she isn’t shopping. She has worked at The Center for Civic Education and is a regular contributor to The New Indian Express and The Deccan Herald. Her interests lie in working towards a healthy reformation of the Indian education system.

Aditya Shrikrishna codes for a living and writes for ……well, anything. He grew up in ‘Madras’ (not ‘Chennai’) and Bombay. He digs movies, books, sports and computers.  In any order. He did a Masters in Computer Science from North Carolina State University but not-so-secretly wishes he did screen-writing instead. He blogs on ‘just about everything’ here.

Varun Gupta studied International Business at The Grenoble Graduate School of Business in Southern France. His love for travel and life-long interest in archaeology eventually got the better of him and he chose to explore new boundaries. Now that he is finally a  Corporate Sourcing Analyst intern for contract management at GE, he’s taking a breather to write again.

Ayan Ghosh  is a anthropophobic recluse. A voyeur, he takes interest in all things visual, from photography to pornography. After experimenting with various forms of unemployment, he has taken professional refuge as a Panoramist. He works exclusively in capturing India’s cultural heritage in Panoramas and other experimental photography like Infrared, Virtual Tours and Time Lapses. His work has been published in Discover India, Heritage India, Terrascapes, Travel Plus, Marg, Yuva and other publications. More can be seen here.

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